Thirsty Thursday: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Kettle Juice

Thirsty Thursday is a column spotlighting craft beer across Rochester and the surrounding area. This week, we take a look at the hazy New England IPA Kettle Juice from Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery.

Photo by Jarred Foster

Been too attached to the Genny Kolsch for the past three years and want to make the leap into some more grown-up beers? Still want the grapefruit? Want Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops? Want that sweet, sweet local delicious maple syrup? Want all the spring and early summer vibes? The beer to which this is perfectly encapsulated is being produced out in Bloomfield, New York, by Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery.

Kettle Juice is a very on the nose name and the can is wrapped in some beautiful imagery fully capturing what you are about to experience. Taking a nod from their collaborator's, Kettle Ridge Farms, process of making maple syrup and then adding grapefruit, Noble Shepherd has taken your typical IPA elevating it into a thirst quencher. Drinking easy enough for those journeying from the lighter, juicy summer beers, but holding everything you have come to appreciate, expect and love about a New England-style IPA: the dank, the haze and the pine.

Clocking in at 6%, some could expect Kettle Juice’s flavors to disappear, but the brew masters were able to condition the brew with grapefruit juice and the local maple syrup. Their notes of citrus and sweet firmly hang onto the palate as the dank pine swirls down the throat.

This also helps undercut a bit of the bite you get from typical New England IPA's which makes this more approachable. And if anything, this is Kettle Juice's strongest suit. Being able to bridge two familiar Rochester tastes, the IPA and the Grapefruit and make it into something so delicious you cannot wait to get another four-pack to show off to your friends that you have achieved another level in the beer drinking-dom.

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