Thirsty Thursday: Fifth Frame Brewing's Papa Bear Chair Yearns for Comfort

Thirsty Thursday is a new column spotlighting craft beer across Rochester and the surrounding area. This week, we take a look at Fifth Frame Brewing's Papa Bear Chair.

Photo by Jordan Taylor

Fifth Frame Brewing Company's Papa Bear Chair will transport you right into the throws of the chair it derives its name from. Papa Bear Chair is an English Barleywine transformed into pastry wine! The brew mixture wraps its furnished arms around you in a warm embrace full of coconut, marshmallow, cinnamon and nutmeg. This beer is definitely an after-dinner beer, one to comfort and support you after a lusciously long day of home office work—a finisher of the evening. It's a kick your feet back type of drink that's perfect to just relax and turn the TV on (shoot, where's the remote?). And settle-in-do-not-think about the inevitable snowstorm lurking on the horizon of a Rochester spring.

All the delightful winter comfort sweets and savory spices bubble up upon cracking the lid of the glass bottle. Papa Bear Chair reminds a bit of those winter nights, but the 10% alcohol by volume helps make the long stretch of cold dissipate into a warm hug in the stomach. Settling less heavy than a stout so there is no hindrance to being able to move around which is a welcome difference.

The Barleywine base may be adorned with all the sweet you could want but allows you to still have the drive to get up and change the channel physically when unable to find the remote (seriously, though, where'd it go?)—no getting stuck on reruns of Friends on TBS for eternity! Allows you still to be able to rise up and shovel the driveway for (hopefully) the last time of the year. Allows you to still make the move of going back to the fridge and grabbing another one. This 500 ml bottle goes down very quickly and smoothly.

Open the fridge to grab the second one and there is the remote. You shake your head, pop the cap off the beer, look out the window and see the snow starting to fall. You sigh. Close the fridge door. Go back to your chair. Forgetting the remote once again, but just like Papa Bear Chair, it will be waiting for you when you need it most.

If you happen to see me at a local brewery, feel free to introduce yourself and let's chat about this industry over a pint or two. Cheers!

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