Thirsty Thursday: Cracking Open a Bottle of Seed + Stone Cidery's Skins

Thirsty Thursday is a column spotlighting craft beer across Rochester and the surrounding area. This week, we take a look at Seed + Stone Cidery's barrel-aged and sweet Skins.

Photo by Jordan Taylor

Cracking open a bottle of Skins by Seed + Stone may not be what you expect. Immediately your nose is transporting you from from the ground stood upon. Somewhere warm. Country side. Wind is playing in the wheat fields. Leaves hang gently on branches.

From there the cider takes you into what you imagine is a French farm house. Brightly lit. Bottles of empty Chardonnay lie against the left side wall. A pile of apples cored and diced on the right side. Oven is wood fired, the smoke—apple wood (of course).

Finally, you sit down at the hewn table. Slightly sweaty from the long day of work. You look around and grab an uncut apple. Bite into it. Explosion of juice and tartness. Immediately drying your palate, but rejuvenating.

You take another bite. The tartness lingering so satisfyingly.

It'll take you a moment to come back to where you are, but once you do. You'll want another bottle. You will want to be back in that beautiful countryside farmhouse.

The easiest place to find it is the actual Seed + Stone location. It is an urban, Nano-Cidery in the heart of Rochester, NY. They specialize in making small batched ciders in a traditional manner allowing the apples to slowly ferment out of natural properties and sugar of the apples. This takes month at a time so every bottle and keg made are a true labor of love for out of the respect for the local apple harvested.

With Skins, they recreate the French country side, open fields, warm breeze, juicy apple tartness the first bite of a sun drenched apple, by adapting the orange wine idea. In orange wine you take the white grape skins and leave them on the grape. Here they take local NY apples, barrel age them and ferment them on Chardonnay grape skins. This helps create the beautiful meld of farmhouse ale and wine with apple funkiness. It sits at 6.8%, but drinks so smoothly. It is very refreshing.

Sending you right back to that beautiful country side. The old French wooden farm house. Peacefully polishing off a bottle at the kitchen table.

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