Tough Love with Filthy Gorgeous

If you’re looking to blow off some steam to some rad tunes, look no further than Fredonia-based band Filthy Gorgeous. The trio of dudes met and got their start as freshmen on the SUNY Fredonia campus, where they were all living at the time, and immediately clicked as a band. The guys said they started practicing and recording at Mason Hall on the campus late at night and into the early hours of the morning, and the rest is history.

“We’d go in and record at, like, 3 in the morning because that’s the only time when crazy bands like us were allowed to use the space,” said Shay, the band’s bassist. The guys reported that at this time, they were also all balancing student life and would get up at the crack of dawn after recording to go live their lives as normal college students.

Of their sound, the band agrees that it’s a distinct combination of the influences each member brings to the table, but say that they’d classify themselves as punk or noise. Loudness, abrasiveness and sharpness are all qualities they look to bring to their sound.

The guys work cohesively as a band when it comes to pushing themselves into new musical territories, and all love to break boundaries and try new things with their music. “It’s almost like we like to screw ourselves when we write new music,” says Brad the band’s drummer,”we write a new song and we practice it, but when we get up on stage to play it it’s so crazy that we all get stressed out.”

How do they balance all the craziness while trying to put on a dope live show, you ask? They make their persona and show atmosphere just as crazy, and vibe off of it.

“I think our music just kind of brings out the craziness in us and taps into an energy that we wouldn’t have been able to tap into otherwise,” says Brad. The guys agree that as their musical ability has grown, they’ve been able to ramp up the performance value and chaotic stage presence they bring to their shows.

Wondering what to expect as an audience member at a Filthy Gorgeous show? There’s jumping, yelling and even the occasional jovial punch in the face from another audience member. The guys feel that their vibe and show atmosphere welcome a crazy release of energy, and that no matter what happens it’s always positive and people end up making friends and enjoying themselves. “One of the best things is when we see people from our shows the next morning and they’re covered in bruises and just so happy about it,” said the guys.

When asked about the best parts about being based in Upstate New York, the band was in agreement that lack of saturation was high on the list. The fact that the area is receptive to new music and art while not being packed full of competition, rendering getting noticed highly unlikely, is a great thing for smaller bands trying to grow their audience. At the same time, they agreed that it may be time to move the band somewhere larger with a bigger noise scene. “Change is good,” said Brad, “we’re always looking to grow and we might need a bigger community to grow in.”

As for next steps for the band, they’ve hit a few big milestones in the past year as they’ve both released their first album Man Alive and gone on their first tour, an East Coast tour with the band Nylon Otters, and want to keep the momentum going. They’re currently working on their next EP and hope to have a steady stream of music coming in the near future.