Maybird’s Unraveling EP - The Most Effective Tease of 2017

>> Maybird, the up and coming alternative band with roots in Rochester and New York City, recently released their newest EP. This four track striptease is a testament to the fact that the title, Unraveling, is clearly just a clever name and not a description of the band's current state of being. In fact, each song or album that Maybird has released in the past two years have all been indicators that the group is constantly improving and fully defining their sound. This latest product in particular is living proof that the band excels at leveraging studio time to breed the creative genius they’ve cultivated over the years. It’s a short album whose predecessors each pointed towards it in an artful, descriptive way. Listeners who have been following the band may feel that Unraveling contains the content that best summarizes what Maybird is truly going for. It’s psychedelic, it’s deep, it’s rock and roll and meticulously refined grit.

The Good:

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Unraveling is its intense amount of layering. Each track seemed to be an attempt to overdo the sense of fullness, yet there’s not a hint of being overwhelmed by any of them. It’s as if the group is a modern-day orchestra equipped with powerful background vocals, gnarly guitar entrances and persistent synthesizer support. Choosing to work with Marc Whitmore, an engineer and producer in Nashville, and The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney proved to be an excellent move for the band. They’ve shown the alternative rock scene how important it is to use the studio as a writing tool as much as a means of capturing sound.

The brilliance behind the fullness of each song is the fact that each track layer would be pleasing on its own. There are no components between the classic guitar swells and slides and the addition of simple female backing vocals that are jarring in any way.

Another mentionable attribute of the EP is that each song is a standalone beauty. The two singles that were released before Unraveling are ‘Keep in Line,’ and ‘Grace.’ The former is a great mix of an eerie bottom end groove and a simply sweet vocal melody, and the latter a psychedelic and bouncy piece. While they were great choices to prerelease, the singles could have easily been any of the four on the new EP.

The Bad:

On the note of singles, it is noted that Maybird fans and followers have likely been unable to shake an incredible feeling of being led on since the EP’s release. EPs are supposed to be a taste of what the artist is whipping up as of late, but fifty percent of the album was strategically leaked as single releases prior to the album’s drop date. I craved hearing more new things from the group in this EP, though that is a great problem for a band to have.

The Review:

Listeners who have a taste for this new rock sound (myself included) are guaranteed to be playing the album on repeat for months to come. Unraveling is vivid, colorful and most importantly, Maybird. It’s leaving me eager to hear the next release, to confirm that the band’s sound is fleshed out nicely. 4.7/5 <<