Video Premiere: Parker Woodland Remind Us of What We’re Missing In New Video for "Forget Your Face"

After the release of their debut EP, the Austin-based trio Parker Woodland come through with a wild video containing footage of their last few shows before the pandemic shut down live music. The music accompanied with the visuals, remind us what exactly about live music was so exciting in the first place and why it's important that we continue to support independent musicians as the pandemic nears its one-year anniversary.

Photo by Sarah Morgan

Parker Woodland have an interesting anatomy. Fronted by Unitarian Universalist minister and Girls Rock Camp advocate Erin Walter, the trio, also made up of guitarist Dan McMonigle and drummer Ralph Cutler, released their fuzzy debut EP, The World's On Fire (and We Still Fall In Love) this February. The music may have been recorded back in 2019 by producer and engineer Jonas Wilson, but the subject matter found on the four-track EP have only become more relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, nearing its one-year anniversary.

The songs on The World's On Fire… tackle the ideas of trying to find, ", joy, and purpose within a crumbling social framework." While the lyrics have become increasingly relevant over the past twelve months, the latest video for "Forget Your Face" acts almost as a period piece in the current state of the world. The video consists of footage from the groups last few shows before lockdown began in March of 2020. These visuals combined with the raw, driving, punk-infused tune foster memories of all of the things we took for granted. The members of the band are joined on stage by friends, fans and even groups of kids in multiple shows. These scenes of maskless reminiscence are blended with vintage, trippy visuals done by video producer Jude Gravois.

Visual by Jude Gravois

While the time in which the footage was captured juxtaposed to the time in which the video is, being released adds some interesting context—the true intentions behind the video raise those small details to talking points. The video opens with the famous text crawl format from Star Wars. As the yellow text scrolls up and away from you, it reads: "No place has felt the loss of live music in the past year harder than Austin, TX, known as the Live Music Capital of the World. The impact for legions of musicians, fans, and industry workers has been as emotional as it is economic. In this video, Austin band Parker Woodland documents their last shows before the shutdown, at Hotel Vegas, The Knomad, the Hole in the Wall, and Batch…" After the video, a similar text crawl provides resources to support indie venues and artists, as well as Girls Rock camps; all important things to Parker Woodland.

"A big part of Parker Woodland is about creating community, everybody jumping up on stage together, grinning, flailing," Walter said. "Having a crew to make music and art with is life-giving. I've always dreamed of songwriting, and something about playing with these friends, at this time, finally brought it out of me, fiercely."

Stream the new EP here and check out the music video below.