Video Premiere: The Triumphant and Stirring Tones of Alicia Blue's "Picasso Blue"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has shared a new single from the sessions to her upcoming album, where a bulk of the songs are being co-written alongside former Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish and Sadler Vaden of Jason Isbell's band the 400 Unit.

Photo by Tammie Valer

Right from the opening line to her new single, folk singer Alicia Blue sets her sights on moving past the numbing cold, hungry depression that had been plaguing her. "Picasso Blue" is the song triumphantly moving into a world where there might not be a need to be living anxiously moment to moment anymore.

What started out as a downtempo folk tune that sang like a poem, "Picasso Blue" was born from her Nashville sessions with former Cage the Elephant guitarist, Lincoln Parish, and up until this moment, had not been shared with the other music completed at Revival Studios. In the accompanying video, you can see it was worth the wait—you can see how this directly affects Blue as she is singing.

Building off the creative choice to swap chorus for the verse, and vice-versa, the new single swells into the ending. You can feel the catharsis sweeping from her voice, to the instruments, to the musicians in the roomall joined together in a sort of cleanse. It's hard to listen, and watch, without being left feeling the same emotions, which was completely intended.

"Picasso Blue" may not have been released with the other music from the Revival Studios sessions, but when Blue went back to LA and prepped for the videos of the sessions, she knew something was special about this one.

"The song is one of my favorites from these live sessions," Blue said. "It has an energy to it that moves me. It feels big, in the sense of being triumphant over something. I knew I had to do it with the band."

As the song closes out with the repeating line—"I don’t want to live in Picasso Blue anymore," the music completely pregnant with poignancy, smiles across everyone's lips, it sonically becomes a chant. A promise. A promise to self to move out of whatever funk we are in long after the music drifts into silence.

Check out Alicia Blue's new video for "Picasso Blue" below along with the rest of the sessions here.