Video Premiere: The Pinkerton Raid Inject Their Raw Intensity on B-side "Au Cheval"

>>Following a series of singles, the Durham-based indie rock trio The Pinkerton Raid are preparing to release a new digital 7” with last month’s bluesy “Cinnamon Sweet” as its A-side. Today, they shared its B-side “Au Cheval,” a breezy and swaggering deep cut that’s also accompanied with an engaging and striking visual that matches the track’s explorative mood.

Photo by: Will Gherman

Led by frontman Jesse James DeConto, The Pinkerton Raid have taken cracks at several musical styles over the years. From mastering the bare-bones of politically-charged folk rock to continuously exploring the realm of hard-hitting blues rock with psychedelic detours, the trio take on a more dance-oriented and flashy garage rock styling on the B-side “Au Cheval.” This marks a departure from the more mellow and reflective affair present on the trio’s last full-length effort, 2018’s Where The Wildest Spirits Fly.

On “Au Cheval,” the trio employ hip-shaking hooks and a pulsing rhythm section that are melded with jangly and reverb-laden guitars, underlying DeConto’s crooning set of vocals. According to DeConto, the track is dedicated to the gamblers, the risk-takers and the people who live life to the fullest. DeConto explains how his younger brother, Steven, a previous member of the band and seemingly fast food adventurer, was the inspiration behind the track after he waited hours in line for a luxurious cheeseburger in Chicago.

“He’s just a person who tries to get the most out of life,” DeConto said. “He enjoys a lot of things that other people might see as extravagant or risky or decadent. There’s not a burger in the world I would wait four hours for. It just captured who he is, that he would appreciate this special experience that other people wouldn’t have time for. It symbolized going after it, the decadence and the risk-taking, not wanting to miss out on the fullness of life.”

“Au Cheval” along with the trio’s previous singles will appear on their upcoming fifth album The Highway Moves the World, due out next year. Sonically, this is promised to be the trio’s most immediate and heaviest release yet, with the songs carrying their own special energy.

“With this upcoming record, I think it was more let’s just see where each individual song takes us,” DeConto said.

“Where it took us is something that’s much more aggressive and more physical. Something that is dynamic in a more muscular way and not so much built on the gentle swells and recessions of folk music. It’s more rocking and more danceable.”<<

Check out the latest music video below.